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Acryptia Gears Single Pack Drop


72.32 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 450

Sold 450

This drop is open only to Season 2 Bronze Medal owners 🏅

This 📦 contains 1 Acryptia Gear NFT.

Acryptia is a new, skill-based dungeon card game, playable on browser. Players have to complete floors, advance to new levels, climb the leaderboard, and earn Season Rewards! Season 2 started on January 17th and is open to everyone with a WAX Wallet:

Equip Gears to your Player Card and use their abilities in the Dungeon. More info here:

Rarity odds scheme:

  • Common, 60,00%
  • Uncommon, 28,00%
  • Rare, 8,00%
  • Epic, 3,00%
  • Legendary, 1,00%

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