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Acryptia Skin Small Pack - S2 Bronze Medal & Public Drop


57.49 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 343

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This second round drop is open for S2 Bronze Medal holders and starts at 17:10 UTC.

Taco Bronze Medal holders have 5 minutes to claim a maximum of 1 pack, with 15 second resets.

After 5 minutes the drop will be opened to everyone.

This 📦 contains 3 Skins. Skins allow you to customize your Acryptia Dungeon setup for both the PvE and the future PvP version of the game.

Rarity odds scheme:
Common, 60%
Uncommon, 25%
Rare, 7%
Epic, 5,5%
Legendary, 1,5%
Mythic, 1%

Learn more about Skins and Acryptia Season 3 here: