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Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #260 / 1000


Shnazzy's E-Girls Hero - Taco VIP & S2 Gold Medal Drop


43.02 WAX

Available / Max supply 191 / 250

Sold 59

This first round drop is open for Taco VIP & Acryptia S2 Gold holders and starts at 16:00 UTC.

Taco VIP & Acryptia S2 Gold holders have 5 minutes to claim a maximum of 1 Hero card, with no resets.

After 5 minutes the buying window closes.

The Shnazzy's E-Girls Hero 🃏 Skin is an Acryptia player card designed by Shnazzy. The card is playable in Acryptia, starting from Season 3

To play with Shnazzy's Hero card you will have to stake this Skin NFT and apply it before playing.

The Hero card does not give you access to the full Shnazzy's E-Girl Acryptia custom deck.

📸 Snapshot on March 29nd at 16:00 UTC.

ℹ️ Whitelists Stack. Example: If you have 1 Taco VIP & 1 S2 Gold Medal you will be able to claim 2 Hero cards.

Learn more about Shnazzy x Taco collab and Acryptia Season 3 here: