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Acryptia Body Gears Single Pack Drop - S3 Bronze Medal


71.9 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 209

Sold 209

This second round drop is open for Acryptia S3 Bronze Medal holders and starts at 16:10 UTC.

Only 300 Limited Edition Body Gear Packs are going to be released. This 📦 contains 1 Acryptia Body Gear NFT.

Players are able to equip Head and Body Gear at the same time, while playing Acryptia. Body Gear activation on April 18th.

Acryptia is a new, skill-based dungeon card game, playable on browser. Players have to complete floors, climb the leaderboard, and earn NFTs! Anyone can play Acryptia Season 3, by logging in with their Google, Facebook or WAX Wallet. (

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Rarity odds scheme:

  • Common, 60,00%
  • Uncommon, 28,00%
  • Rare, 8,00%
  • Epic, 3,00%
  • Legendary, 1,00%

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