Possible mint: #204 / ∞


Land Deed (Public USD)


1,302.08 WAX

Available / Max supply 76 / 157

Sold 81

Public Drop
The Total claimable amount is subject to change after whitelist drop has concluded. Whitelist drop will contain 270 Available Land Deeds, any unsold Deeds will be available for the public, for which you can claim 1 at a time with 15 sec resets. 30 Land Deeds will be available publically in TACO.

By purchasing this Land Deed you are guaranteed one plot of land. A Land Deed is a special promo NFT that allows the owner to choose (1) land plot of their choice within Big Springs, our Open World. Along with your plot of land each holder will receive 100 TRC each week and you’re able to equip this NFT as a decorative interior NFT inside your land that gives your land a bonus on it’s passive earnings of 0.5%.

Holding this Land Deed NFT also grants your access to a special Land Deed holders discord channel.

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