Possible mint: #444 / ∞

Guild License (GUILD)


1,250 GUILD

Available / Max supply ∞ / ∞

Sold 255

Need GUILD? You can acquire GUILD by playing The Adventurer's Guild or on Alcor.

What’s a Guild License?

Guild Licenses are updating NFTs that display your character from The Adventurer’s Guild! You can use the GUILD token to update your license to show your character in their current state!

You can read all about the in game benefits and features here: https://blog.theadventurersguild.io/summary-guild-licenses-1a6bfbb2bd08

To register a license to your character, go to the Profile Menu, and use the "Guild Licenses/Avatars" button. This will add your character artwork to the NFT and reveal it's hidden traits!

You can update your License at any time by using a License Update Form.

Bonus: Mints #1-500 will gain access to the special Founder's Edition emblem, which the owner can use to replace the regular TAG logo on their License.


Guild Licenses are a new feature in TAG. From when the drop goes live, you'll be able to benefit from the extra quests and bonus stats.

  • Characteristics are scheduled to go live on May 2.
  • Customisation of the License itself (e.g. changing your emblem to the Founder's Edition emblem or displaying the standard background on a special edition license) will launch on May 6. All Guild License owners with a mint number below #500 will be airdropped a License Update Form at that time.