Pre-Release Dragons of Tatealia Promo


0.5 WAX

Available / Max supply 329 / 500

Sold 171

Join Amy Brown, Anthony Christou, Carla Morrow, Ed Beard Jr., Nene Thomas, Pia Wannachaiwong, Rose Khan, Ruth Thomson, Tom Wood, & Vincent Hie as they introduce WAX to the epic TatealiaSaga with the Dragons of Tatealia Series!

There are 10 Drops in the main series,

Dragons of Tatealia Drops are packaged in two ways:

Bundles of 5 Booster Packs come with an exclusive Special Motion card that is not available otherwise! &

Booster Pack: Each Pack contains 5 digital collectibles!

each drop contains:

10 pieces of art (1 from each artist) in 6 variants,
Common: B&W, Doorway
Rare: Logo, Shine
Super Rare: Volumes
Ultra Rare: Gold Bordered

& 1 Special Motion card!

There may also be extra cards in each drop that have special motion variants, when this is the case, these collectibles will not have a Volumes variant.

Each Drop introduces a variant that is exclusive (for now) & can be collected through blending specific collectibles together!

The base series has 740 cards to collect in total!

Do not rule out the possibilities of mini drops, or other weird and powerful magic rearing it's head in Tatealia.

Ultimately, collectors will get to decide which of the event variants deserves to represent all 120 dragons, in the final drop of the first chapter! This last drop will also contain the rarest cards of the entire adventure, and some collectors will be awarded packs for their dedication to collecting Tatealiasaga along the way.