Dragons of Tatealia Drop #6 Bundle


242.16 WAX

Available / Max supply 97 / 100

Sold 3

A Bundle contains 5 packs, and an exclusive trading card!

Each Pack contains 5 digital collectibles!

each drop contains:

1 piece of art from each artist, in 6 variants:
*Common: B&W & Doorway
Rare: Logo & Shine
Super Rare: Volumes
Ultra Rare: Gold Bordered

& 1 Special Motion card!

There might be unexpected cards that have special motion variants, when this is the case, these collectibles will replace the Volumes variant.

Amy Brown | Anthony Christou | Carla Morrow | Ed Beard Jr. | Nene Thomas | Pia Wannachaiwong | Rose Khan | Ruth Thomson | Tom Wood | Vincent Hie