Possible mint: #6 / 350

Skull /350



Available / Max supply 45 / 50

Sold 5

Included in this drop is a single limited edition base card.

Beth's art is a unique mix of emotions, animals, space, pastels & vapor wave. It's hard to explain, and it's deeper than a few words can do justice - check out her full collection on WAX to see which piece speaks to you.

Although there will be 350 copies of the base version of this card overall,
** ONLY the first 50 serial numbers are available in this drop! **

The 2022 Limited Edition Series of Beth Alice Art showcases her work in three exciting variants:
Base - 350 Copies
Foil - 100 Copies
Gold - 50 Copies

Note: Gold & Foil versions are not included in this drop!