Possible mint: #1324 / ∞

Standard Pack - Project Seed Ball


79.11 WAX

Available / Max supply 428 / 500

Sold 72

Contains: 1 Container
Drop Supply: 500 packs

Rarity Chance
Creator Container - 67%
Producer Container - 23%
Master Container - 10%

🌱 About Game

Project Seed Ball🌱is a Play to Earn blockchain game on WAX developed by The Iconical. Project Seed Ball is a virtual world of Seed ball harvesting where users will earn rewards ICONI tokens.
We have designed the gamification aspect to educate and give a basic understanding of creating seed balls. Each Level and step is carefully designed and structured to bring familiarity with Seed ball. Also the upcoming learning portal assists users to create Seed ball in real life, providing game experience and real-life experience which they can share on social media platforms to spread further awareness. All of this teaches us how to germinate plants and trees, which is our ultimate goal. Powered by the WAX blockchain.

πŸ“œ Project whitepaper

Unpack note
On unpack, the ICONI will be sent according to container rarity.
Unpack Link : https://neftyblocks.com/c/theiconical1/packs

Social media
πŸ•Ή Game : https://www.projectseedball.com/
πŸ“œ Telegram : https://t.me/theiconicalgroup/
🎟 Discord : https://discord.gg/3gWH8JDGj2
🐀 Twitter : https://twitter.com/theiconical
🌱 Website : https://theiconical.com