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Possible mint: #1061 / ∞

Pixel Seed


Available / Max supply 88 / 1000

Sold 912

The World Of Botanica,
A RAREcity Collection.

Combining Art With Diverse Plant Life To Create A Unique Collection Of Monsters.

206 Pixels To Collect.

This Pack Contains:
• x1 Pixel Monster

Automatic RARc Token Staking,
Once This Asset Is Unpacked Monsters Will Be Autostaked To User Wallets.

This Pack Can Yield Between
0.001 To 0.01 RARc Tokens Per Hour,
Once Monsters Are Unpacked.

Whitelist Details For Free 24hr Drop.

1: User Must Own 99 NFTs From The TWOB Collection.
2: User Must Own The Incubator Asset, Here.

This Drop Will Unlock When These Tasks Are Complete.

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