Possible mint: #297 / 1750

Alphamax Limited Miner Pack - Special Price


160 WAX

Available / Max supply 498 / 500

Sold 2

The New Upliftium Miner Sale
At 2pm EST on September the first limited Upliftium miner sale of the year will finally kick off. Unlike other sales whereby miners were sold straight up, this time there will be an added twist of chance thrown in the mix. Here’s how it works:


  • Early Bird price: 250 Packs @ 100 WAX
  • Keener price: 500 Packs at 130 WAX
  • Special Price: 500 Packs at 160 WAX
  • Regular Price 500 Packs at 220 WAX

What else exept the early bird WAX discounts is different to the non-limited pack version?
This pack contains a surprise bonus miner from another project.

Packs contain 1 miner with the following odds:

  • Commons 57% chance- 5 million Upliftium/week pool
  • Uncommon 28% chance- 5 million Upliftium/week pool
  • Rare 14% chance- 5 million Upliftium/week pool

Learn more: https://theuplift.world/the-new-upliftium-miner-sale/