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Possible mint: #302 / ∞

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Exclusive Case


Available / Max supply 0 / 300

Sold 300

💼This is a case which contains NFT for UrbanSpace game!

💎This case could be minted only by holders of 3 gold premium passes. The Snapshot will be taken at 15:00 UTC (1 hour before the sale)

🗃️Contains 1 Rare and 2 Common NFT - extractors: Excavator, Atomic Inc, Robotics, Oil Derrick.

🔣You will get 3 NFTs: 100% to get 1 Rare NFT | And 2 NFT by following chances: 89% common 10% rare 1% epic. Also you will get 100 of GAS Token (Resource)

👥You can find more information inside our discord community