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Vintage Niftys Half-Time Pack


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Vintage Niftys Half-Time Pack

Vintage Niftys is proud to present Old School Footballers Series 1. This 50 card set is a hand-picked selection of 25 Association Football players from the 1940’s thru to the 1960’s. Each player has two cards – the first being their real name (A card) and the second, their nickname (B card). In true trading card fashion the flip, or B side, contains a brief biography of the player outlining their playing career, achievements and some interesting facts!

There are 9 rarities and each one has a football themed background/effect.

Common – 40.4%

Uncommon – 18.5%

Limited – 12.5%

Relic – 10.3%

Rare – 8.3%

Epic – 5.7%

Legendary – 3.3%

Mythical – 0.83%

Celestial – 0.17%

This pack contains 10 pre-minted digital cards.