The Enforcers Booster Pack


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6 vintage renowned hard men of football start the match clean and untouched, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt! But we don’t want them to stay like that do we, no sir! Blend them with headbutts, punches and brutal tackles and get them SENT OFF! Featuring a rich blend path and additional ‘side’ blends there should be enough to keep the players busy and to keep you out of trouble!

The Enforcers is a limited set of collectible NFT’s celebrating some of football’s legendary hardmen. Start with the base player card and blend with them 'attribute cards' to create bruised and battered versions of themselves which ultimately leads them to an overnight stay at Her Majesty's pleasure! That’s right, locked up in a cell for the night!

There are 6 base players Frank Barson, Willie Woodburn, Norman Hunter, Ron “Chopper” Harris, Wilf Copping and Tommy Smith, each with their own biography on the B side.

The 5 attribute cards are:

Altercation – 39.8%
Late Challenge – 29.8%
Head Butt – 19.9%
Two Footed Tackle – 9.9%
Attack The Ref – 0.49%

This set uses these attribute cards to create a Tiered Blend Path where each blend is an ingredient to the next and so on…

Base Player [100 per player]
1 -Base Player + Altercation = Lightly Bruised [80 per player]
2 -Lightly Bruised + Late Challenge = Yellow Card [60 per player]
3 -Yellow Card + Headbutt = The Terry Butcher [40 per player]
4 -The Terry Butcher + Two Footed Tackle = Red Card [20 per player]
5 -Red Card + Attack The Ref = LOCKED UP! [1 per player]

This pack contains 6 pre-minted attribute cards.