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Waxel Ninja Avatars - Series #1 - Main sale


143.9 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 187

Sold 187

About this drop

  • Every avatar is a 1/1 unique based on the avatar attributes that are described in the next section (some attributes are more rare than others)
  • Each avatar will be minted after one has been bought here
  • The mint number of the NFT here will be matched to the avatar NFT
  • In the future holders of a Waxel Ninja avatar will benefit of special perks

Avatar attributes

  • Race: Human, orc, undead, elf or demon
  • Eyes: Brown, green, blue, white or red
  • Suit: Grey, orange, turquoise, red, blue, pink, green, purple, yellow or black
  • Headband: Grey, orange, blue, white, yellow, green, purple or red
  • Accessory: Conical hat, Kitsune mask, Oni mask or none


  • There will only ever exist 250 avatars in the Waxel Ninjas #1 series
  • This NFT serves as a placeholder for the real avatar and is therefore neither transferable nor burnable
  • Every holder of this NFT will receive a 1/1 unique avatar (as this is a manual process it could take some days before you receive the real avatar)
  • The received avatar will be transferable and burnable so you will be able to trade and sell the avatars
  • 25 are reserved for giveaways
  • 50 are reserved for Waxel OG discord members in a pre-sale 1 hour prior to the main sale (every not sold NFT will be added to the main sale)