Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #170 / 1000

Pack of FX – 1 – for .fx accounts


90 WAX

Available / Max supply 95 / 100

Sold 5

Let's rewrite the history of WAX accounts

If you are the owner of an .fx account, you can snack some packs for a reduced price here.

This pack contains one memorizable WAX account name as an NFT. You can keep it, trade it or redeem it for the real account ending with .fx

If you redeem the NFT you gain:

  • …the account (you are the only one holding a private key)
  • …Exclusive air drops from different creators in the space
  • Access to special drops only available to .fx account owners
  • More prizes on the Twitch streams of LifeWithSascha

Why should I care?

Most people in the space are having a WAX Cloud Wallet. They own accounts that are hard to memorize like yrgb4.wam.
Furthermore, you do not have acces to your private key. So, if one time WCW decides to quit service or not let you in anymore, all your assets are lost.

Not so, with an .fx account. Here, you are having complete ownership about your assets all the time… AND ONLY YOU!

What if I don't get a name I am interested in?

We took care that all names in the pool for this pack are memorizable. If you do not like it, we believe there will be somebody out there browsing the secondary market who would love to get the name. It's a bit like domain names. You are the only one who can exclusively gain somebody access to that name, even if you personally do not like it that much.

How to redeem my NFT for a WAX account?

  1. Create an EOS private & public key (yes, EOS is correct! :-))
  2. Store the private & public key safely
  3. Transfer your WAX name NFT to the account fx using your public key in the memo field.

Any more questions?…

Feel free to join our Discord and ask any question in the #fx-questions channel. We're there, trying to answer every question quickly. :)