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WAXWORKS Alpha Wallet Viewer Coin



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Computer programming is my art. Sharing this site with you is how we can connect. Thank you for taking the time to interact with what I have created, I sincerely hope it does not disappoint.

If you would like to register your wallet for customization features please follow these instructions: https://waxworks.io/alpha-test-program-instructions-and-links/

This token will enable you to add your favorite NFTs to the WAXWORKS favorites collection. It also marks your participation in the WAXWORKS Wallet Viewer Alpha program.It might do something else later, but at present please consider it a memento and access token.

If you wish to provide constructive or thoughtful feedback please use the bug report form at https://waxworks.io/alpha-test-program-instructions-and-links/ . Instructions are also provided at that link.

Thank you for your interest in WAXWORKS! I hope to provide some valuable tools for the #WAXFAM community so stay tuned!

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