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1 month of WAXWORKS Hosting for EVERYBODY


628.88 WAX

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This non-transferrable NFT represents your investment in a community tool. I usually pay this myself but I wanted to make the option available for anyone who wants to financially support the project. You'll get a special spot on the supporters thank you page!

Full transparency:
WAXWORKS currently runs on WordPress hosted on SiteGround's GrowBig plan ($25/mo) along with a staging server on Glitch.com ($8/mo), domains on cloudflare ($2.50/mo) and a single production App api node on DigitalOcean ($5/mo)

I'm still on free plans for Pinata, Cloudflare CDN, mongo, and imagekit.io but that will probably change.

I'm not including any of my development time or WAX costs in this, because it's really just the hosting costs.The same is true for the one time fees (wordpress themes, plugins, etc.)

If you'd like to support the project indirectly I also have affiliate links here for crypto services I like!