Beta Key Claim Drop


291.97 WAX

Available / Max supply 31 / 44

Sold 13

This is the first drop for the WooWorld+ (Minecraft) Server: To be clear, you do NOT need these to log in and play on the server. Though we encourage everyone to log on after the drop, you can actually join and play right now by following the instructions at https://wooworld.plus/play.html ! These Beta Keys will entitle holders to the following:

  1. A small apartment in the main city for the entirety of Beta, as specified in your NFT’s attributes. Here you can safely store items and decorate in the central community hub.

  2. After snapshot, whitelisting for the first post-beta permanent housing drop.

  3. A discount on #2, equal to the USD value of the Beta Key drop. Yes, if you decide to purchase in the permanent housing drop, your key is essentially free! I guess you could also just sell it though 😒…

  4. A special place in our hearts.

  5. ???

If this drop sells out, we will likely make another - So tell your friends, and let's have a great time!