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Memory Machine - Future Bass - David Perry


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Singer/Songwriter David Perry creates his signature sound by fusing together a lifelong love of rock n’ roll with an ear for innovative electronic production. Based in New York, he has spent his entire life immersed in music, performing around the globe and collaborating with iconic songwriters including Steve Albini and Patrick Leonard. Now with the release of his first solo debut, Memory Machine, he is cementing his reputation as one of this generation’s most promising talents and songwriters. David grew up studying classical cello, providing him with the melodic prowess that would come to define his sound. He later taught himself piano and began writing songs in his 20’s. While he was honing his craft as a songwriter, he began performing with the his rock group Yoshi, which enjoyed notable critical success in Japan. Although his career is still young, he has shown an uncanny ability to connect with his audiences through words and melodies. With a steady stream of new content expected for this year and beyond; David is set to leave a lasting legacy.