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Possible mint: #612 / ∞


[Pass Holder] Zombie Slayer Crate


1,955.99 WAX

Available / Max supply 431 / 500

Sold 69

ZOS: Zombie Slayer Crate

This drop is for Early Survivor Pass holders.

ZOS takes place in the town of Nitel during a Zombie outbreak and follows survivors as they scavenge, fight and eventually rebuild in the post-apocalyptic world.
Survivors grab the first weapon & shield they can see to defend themselves.

Pack contains:

  • 3x Weapons / Shields (60% Uncommon, 25% Rare, 10% Epic, 4.5% Legendary, 0.5% Mythic)

  • 1x Survivor Booster Pack (24% Meg, 38% Peter, 38% Ellie)

  • 2x Attack Style Cards (33% Assault, 33% Assassin, 33% Overwatch)

  • 3% Chance at a Building Land Deed

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