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at 05/11/2022

50.00000000 WAX

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Seller nftgdertzsd1

  • AttributeValue
  • name SQS NFT PACK 20
  • video QmSZXT7bnFnBQfMfbJpMRAyyEtJkNJCgFvEUq2Eebfe1Nk
  • About We randomly pour different coins into each of our packs, it's that moment when you can take a chance and get the most valuable coins at an affordable price! A pack with 20 NFTs, gives you a better chance of getting rare coins! But even a pack with 5 NFTs may hold our most expensive coins.
  • Site https://sqsmag.wixsite.com/sqsmodels/main
  • Telegram https://t.me/sqsnft
  • Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sqsmodels/
  • Drop https://neftyblocks.com/c/sqsevencoins

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