500 MILLION $LFGK 1014 #81

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  • Owneraxcwy.wam
  • Schema namelfgkingstdfm
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  • Max. supply2000
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  • Circulating supply97
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💀😁 There can only be one - the idea behind the The $LFGK 500 Million Experiment is that every NFT that comes backed by the LFGK Utility Token is at some point going to be called up to be burnt. In the end hopefully only 1 NFT is left, odds are no but hay it could happen? anyhow the LFGK NFT$ supply will drop due to many getting burnt & this will raise the floor for the remaining LFGK NFT$ :) so HODL this NFT or FLIP to those needing to take part in the LFGK Burns :) 100% of all LFGK NFT sales are put into the LFGK/Wax Alcor LP that will hold the real $$$ dollar value of all the LFGK NFTS :) so when they get burnt the LFGK LP value for the remaining LFGK NFT$ will just grow BIGGER & B I G G E R $$$ :) & you will be holding some PURE FIRE NFT HEAT - more info on our Discord - On another note: Over on the @GraffitiKiNGS Metaverse the @Crypyo_Moonboys are causing anarchy fighting for control 💀😁 while the #GraffPUИKS are like WTF we just want to create ART 💀😁 When the THΞ HØÐL WΔRRIØR̸$ NFT Battle game is released this cards power rarity details will be listed on the Battle game website - This drop is brought to you by THΞ GR̸ΔffITI KiИG$***** @GraffitiKiNGS - Keep up to date on our future drops by joining our discord https://discord.gg/graffiti-kings 8(x x)8

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  • imgQmQctSBMMqXg83ZMeLjjyk7TWpUjn5M8ShbLWEBE1XEo4s
  • name500 MILLION $LFGK 1014
  • videoQmXRiheUERnLrs4nNsyMPUbCcAq1FeUyA6TXwt92o2rf9w
  • rarity500 MILLION $LFGK
  • Discordhttps://discord.gg/graffiti-kings
  • Twitterhttps://twitter.com/GraffitiKINGS
  • backimgQmfZuU7A5FYiZSJsSBr5XH4yJi2UC84vvWjDig23FCB41x
  • websitehttps://graffitikings.co.uk/
  • Telegramhttps://t.me/Graffiti_Kings_R2
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/graffiti.kings.london
  • Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/graffitikings/
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