Monster Tome Legendary


Recharged with TSOURCE

Monster Tomes craft/summon monster NFTs in the Castles Dungeons expansion. Summon, trade and battle monsters for great rewards! Tomes have a recharge cost for their monster summoning. See our website for detailed information.

  • AttributeValue
  • nameMonster Tome Legendary
  • typeMonster Summoner
  • variantDungeons Rising
  • website
  • Current Charges2
  • Max Charges7
  • Claim Reference Number1669482284
  • raritylegendary
  • videoQmZN8rRQHWLricvtLuZ5R2top6pyYQg1FHuVACbu1jDjVw
  • img2Qmb1GKVemHXonhZLZ1fT2BEmgxtksYRovrarMpcB49Ge1F

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