39 - We Have The Technology

  • AttributeValue
  • name39 - We Have The Technology
  • imgQmUteGizNb3atFWFXBxUycv5fEox1QsM35dcSgaLhZD5dd
  • img backQmdPj9sS5U2UzxKQpW3abnd6F85bNKxEjkbd8VamcjvCX7
  • cardid39
  • raritycommon
  • variantbase
  • typecard
  • series1
  • infoCollect them All! Look out for future series, redemptions and blends. HODL!
  • websitehttps://www.suckadelic.com/
  • blend sitehttps://neftyblocks.com/c/blkchancards/blends
  • legalOfficially Authorized & Licensed NFTs by The Sucklord: COPYRIGHT 2022 SUCKADELIC ENTERPRISES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Subject matter is PARODY and under FAIR USE. Produced by Blockchain Cards
  • shoutout Special Thanks to SideKick Lab for producing the original series of physical cards: https://sidekicklab.com

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