Hercules Beetle

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  • Collection


  • Schema nameinsects
  • Template ID510922
  • Is burnable
  • Is transferable
  • Issued4
  • Max. supply100
  • Burned0
  • Circulating supply4
  • AttributeValue
  • nameHercules Beetle
  • imgQmTFCWkun67Aut5t9GufodGFHv1X2si4nbxh19SRzuHdRH
  • SeriesA Bugs Life
  • Common NameBeetle
  • KingdomAnimalia
  • PhylumArthropoda
  • SubphylumHexapoda
  • ClassInsecta
  • Story/Scene/DescriptionNot even Megara could beat the strength of this massive and loyal beetle. He is able to fight with his sword and his horn, but on the inside, he is just a humble and lovely gentleman.
  • NotesOriginal Artwork by Juan Marcos. Collection moderated by DrCharles.