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  • Schema namepromo
  • Template ID197760
  • Is burnable
  • Is transferable
  • Issued281
  • Max. supply
  • Burned202
  • Circulating supply79
  • AttributeValue
  • namePickup Promo
  • imgQmNaBsEWaXgJUQMY3k5iLJbwRboXbhkFcuhX2mjhkbvMvp
  • linkhttps://oceanplanet.io/
  • drop linkhttps://neftyblocks.com/c/oceanplanet1
  • infoOcean Planet is an online game where anyone can become a true adventurer made on the Hive Blockchain (https://oceanplanet.io/game/) In the nearest future, our world turned out to be not only flooded but also frozen all the way through. Will you be a self-confident treasure hunter, a cunning merchant, or a charismatic warrior? It's up to you to decide because the new world requires new heroes!
  • backhttps://images.ecency.com/DQmNjw7PY8WvCAwhFa2qLq9wBCb1b4QMHsp5gn6Nci3XmD5/qmfynqhjuc7r3bkfp7d2js34ry6tjbzyt85wxgzcc2na8x.png