Bret Blackberg and ParrotfishJ collaboration (PETE`s friends)

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  • Schema namecollaborate
  • Template ID437874
  • Is burnable
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  • Issued15
  • Max. supply15
  • Burned0
  • Circulating supply15

Little Billy is one of Pete’s neighbors. He oftentimes escapes his house and breaks into the neighboring munitions plant to steal all sorts of weapons. However, he never hurts anyone…at least not on purpose.

  • AttributeValue
  • nameBret Blackberg and ParrotfishJ collaboration (PETE`s friends)
  • imgQmNNv7i8vPcDCrvRLMgVq1cgbRXZTUhJGgS7qdsX7hiDeZ
  • PNGDIVINGWLD Twitter@ParrotfishJ
  • Collaborated artist Twitter@bretblackberg
  • Collaborated artist BIO
  • additional informationTo create this artwork original LEAVES artwork was destroyed. LEAVES destroyed : LEAF #61 LEAF #49 LEAF #40 LEAF#44
  • date created9 February 2022