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(BIO UNDER CONSTRUCTION, New Lore being added) - Last Updated 5:49pm 12/8/2022...

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The story behind

Crypto Crypt

(BIO UNDER CONSTRUCTION, New Lore being added) - Last Updated 5:49pm 12/8/2022

Welcome to the Abyss!

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  • CryptoCrypt is home to the Infernal Children, Neko Familiars, and many other Dark Fantasy creations under the Crypt collection.

Understanding the Lore of the Crypt:

The Realm of Netheros has long been under the harsh order of the 13 Undying Council, commonly referred to as the Inferno.

  • The Founder of Infernum created one Counter Balance to the rule of the 13, the creation of an everchanging group of Fighters of Virtue called the Ephemeral.

  • Power being the root of their evil, the Council seeks to rein in the unruly Realm for their concentration of Soul Energy is that of which Infernum has never been able to recreate. Their efforts were met with heavy resistance, resulting in loss of ground and hold on Realms across the board.

  • Things looked

In an effort to ward off the hopes and efforts of the Ephemeral and their devout followers, the Council created an unstable concentration of destruction: The Void and its' children. Quickly outgrowing the Council's abilities of containing this unbridled force of violence, The Void spewed forth from its' captivity taking with it both the lives of the Founder of Infernum and the Number 1 Seat in the Undying Council.

From deep in the chasms on the eastern edges of this hardship stricken Land, Belial and his dominion of Sin threaten reemergence. Their revival would lay siege to all Mortal life, taking the Life Essences of those of this Realm and

Species of various creeds and origins must band together to combat Belial and his legion, or help tear down the foundations of Reality. Creatures beyond Daemon control roam the realms, inhabiting the lands around outposts and cities. These creatures may be used for your benefit or against you. Only you decide your fate Crypt Keeper.

Ethereal Forces from beyond the scope of Netheros, The Ephemeral and Undying Council

CryptoCrypt Card Series will range from #000 - #???

  • These Cards represent individual Lore Bites making up the structural foundations of Netheros and the encompassing universe of Infernum.
  • Pieces may vary from Digital to Physical Artworks
  • Distinct via the Circle Schema they reside in, and the Numbered aspect to their Traits

Nekos Range from #001 - #501

  • Neko Breeding is to be added following the Creation of Neko #100
  • After #100, 50 Nekos of every 100 will be reserved for Neko Breeding of that Season.
  • An Individual Neko may only be Bred Twice in a Season (100 Nekos)
  • Meeting Hidden Criteria of Special Neko Combinations for Breeding may result in a series of Zen Nekos, having their own class of #'s, with their Cap being indefinite.

Rarity Tiers:
Common: 500 copies max
Uncommon: 250 copies max
Rare: 100 copies max
Legendary: 25 copies max
Mythic: 13 copies max
Archon: 1 Copy only, Special event drops
Promo drops may periodically happen, these will vary in rarity and copy count.

All work is hand drawn, some digital some traditional. Put together by artist “Catarax” or NFTAlleyCat on Twitter. Collabs given credits as provided and listed.

Follow my Twitter @NFTAlleyCat for updates and drop details.

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