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Dildicons™ Wave II ガシャポン


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We have incerased the price by 10% - the price will incerase by 10% every 7 days until sold... This is your last chance to buy Dilidcons™ Wave II

The Revolution Continues! Our freinds at Kuso Ent. JP have exteneded our licence to include yet another wave of Dildicons™ PFPs. Proudly the only 1/1 PFP project on chain consisting of 50% Robots and 50% 'Pleasure' toys. Find Wave I in Series IV packs/Atomic Hub Market. This first pack in WAVE II contains:

1 x Dildicons™ Wave II 1/1 PFP Robot Mode
1 x Dildicons™ Wave II 1/1 PFP Pleasure Mode
1 X 1 x Dildicons™ Stakable

1/1 Pre-minted Dildicons™ 153 - 222 - 25 Packs already minted as Mgmt. Team rewards!

Dildicons™ Wave II WAXNFT PFPs - Official Licensed Product (KUSO Ent. Japan). Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Some WAXNFTs in this schema are NSFW. © 2023 Drawn Company