Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #77 / 100


Exo. & Mgmt. Des Reward


Available / Max supply 20 / 74

Sold 54

This drop is exclusively for ALL our Exordium and Managment Designates Hodlers. This NFT is backed with 12 WAXP - Thank you, we love you all!

You only have 24 hours to claim this drop - the template and perks will be locked on 08/05/2023 @ 19hrs UTC.

If you bought packs from the drop, you can also cliam this bad boy!

Important Note: For the remainder of 2023, Exordium and Management Designates Holders who participate in our drops will receive a higher rate of profit share. All other Exordium and Management Designates Holders will receive the same percentage. This is a slight revision in the pervious rule.

We are proud to reward all our Exordium and Management Designates with a WAXP backed NFT due to the success of Series IV. Collectively, this works out at around 30% of total drop revenue to date - a pool of 2,000+ WAXP. This Queue Jumper VIP Pass must be claimed from the drop by 08/05/2023. Exordium (noun) FORMAL - the beginning or introductory part © 2023 Drawn Company