Future's Relic Snack Bar - Level 180 Taco Venue


100,000 SHING

Available / Max supply 28 / 50

Sold 22

Salutations! Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of our Future's Relic Snack Bar, a distinguished Taco Venue where triumphant Brigade runs lavish upon you the coveted SHING treasures. We're elated to unveil that our establishment now proudly stands at Level 180, a testament to our steadfast commitment to culinary excellence and unyielding innovation. Envision this: with every triumphant brigade run, the alluring promise of exclusive Future's Relic NFTs beckons, heightening the excitement of your visit. In our ongoing pursuit of a delightful odyssey filled with satisfaction, we extend a warm invitation to step into the embrace of our Future's Relic Snack Bar Taco Venue. Set forth on a journey now to amass SHING riches and NFT gems, and witness your culinary dreams materialize! Plus, now with our distinctive logo, identifying our venue is easier than ever for our valued players!

This NFT is for Promotional Purposes.
A NON-Custodial WaxDAO Farm was created just for these!
The previous fr.shingfarm has been depleted and the payout has been adjusted to .5 SHING/h for all Taco Venue Posters - Future's Relic Snack Bar

-Hold an ID Card (Hired Editor on Payroll)
-Blend 10x crEDITs

There are 180 MINTS of this NFT, they are distributed in this manner:
-DROP: 50 mints @ 100,000 SHING each - 1 x claim every 16 hours
-BLEND: 50 mints @ 10 x crEDITs each - 1 x claim every 8 hours
-BRIGADE: 50 mints in 'brigade.taco' wallet (including #1 Mint) - Win NFT by doing Brigade Runs!
-MAXYLABS: 25 mints in 'maxylabvault' wallet (including #1 Mint) - Win NFT by interacting with MAXY's BOT!
-X/Twitter GIVEAWAYS: 5 mints are distributed to various Giveaways on Social Media!
You can CLAIM this with 100,000 SHING (approx. 10 Wax)
If you have no SHING, you should really Execute Brigade a few times and then you will earn SHING!


#MEANT AS PURE PROPAGANDA - Please Pass the good word along.