[Pre-Minted] MeltyFace Mint #1 Pack


18 WAX

Available / Max supply 11 / 69

Sold 58

Included in this Pack is a Mint #1 of one of the 222 Unique MeltyFaces plus Bonus WAXDAO Staking Token to Earn RGBits!

🌈 222 Unique MeltyFaces: Each one meticulously crafted by the renowned artist Jumbie. Watch as the colors of the rainbow dance across these mesmerizing NFTs in video format or savor their static image beauty.

MeltyFace Drop Quest:

NFTHive Pre-Mint:

NeftyBlocks Pre-Mint:

NeftyBlocks Sticker Pack Vending Machine:

WAXDAO Sticker Pack Vending Machine

πŸ‘• MeltyFace NFTs with Matching Tee Shirts: Own a piece of the action with MeltyFace Stickers – digital treasures that let you express your style and personality in the digital realm. And that's not all! Complement your collection with matching tee shirts, showcasing your support for these breathtaking artworks.

🎨 Blend and Create: Unleash your creativity with our unique blending feature. Combine any 10 NFTs from the "MeltyFace" series and unlock a one-of-a-kind, color-changing MeltyFace NFT. Each blend is a masterpiece, an exclusive token that will make your collection truly one-of-a-kind.

πŸ’° Stake and Earn: Stake our Special MeltyFace Staking Tokens and watch your rewards grow! Earn RGBits, the native currency of Jumbie NFTs, and unlock exciting opportunities to activate or upgrade your NFTs. Plus, by staking RGBits, you'll be rewarded with GROTONS – a valuable currency used to store value and acquire exclusive Jumbie NFTs.

Don't miss your chance to be part of the MeltyFace revolution. Collect, create, and immerse yourself in a world where art and technology merge seamlessly. Join the community of passionate collectors and discover the beauty and value of "MeltyFace" NFTs today!

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