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The Outsider OVA Vol.1 | Cover


Available / Max supply 81 / 100

Sold 19

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Every collection is defined by its treasures. Start your journey now by acquiring the third collectible in Free Drop mode from the pack's history! We proudly present the Ofical Cover collectible for The Outsider OVA Vol.1 - Kael Ravencore Agent Pack. This is an exclusive collectible featuring the pack's most outstanding scenes. It's a unique and limited item, with only 100 units available!

To claim this Free Drop, you will need to have the Legendary Scene of the OVA that is only obtained through the blend.

Scena 4: Legendary Scene

The drop will be accessible until November 21, 2023.

Get your Collector OVA Role here: https://waxzilla.io/c/VenapGames?quest_id=ac3a7191-441e-4dd4-bab9-87a5a142bb0e
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